Do you love culinary delights? Do you appreciate premium food? Are you health aware?

  • Does your sporty lifestyle make you choose your sources of quality nutrients for exercise wisely?
  • Or are you looking for the right foods for your diet?
  • As a parent, do you strive to put quality food on the family table?
  • Do you live a fast-paced, stressful life? Don’t you always have time to search for valuable, quality lunches?

We’re here to help! We’ve collected Europe’s best fish and seafood specialities for you. We sail the high seas to bring you real delicacies even when we don’t have a beach at home. We deserve the best quality fish food…

We sail the high seas to bring you real delicacies even when we don’t have a beach at home.

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tonhalas casserole recept - tonhalas rakott tészta

We are on a serious mission!

lazacpástétom falatkák

We want to help people eat more fish at home. We want fish consumption to become a part of everyday life, without any hassle. (That’s why we also have skin- and boneless products!)

We spend a lot of time on the Mediterranean or Northern coasts, often visiting bustling Portuguese towns and sleepy Italian fishing ports. Around there, people order fish or other seafood from every small coastal restaurant and street vendor, and the shelves of shops are also bursting with quality, often handmade and specially seasoned preserves, fish salads and pâtés. It’s easy to eat healthily!

We make these delicacies available to you, so that it’s not just the familiar tastes of the shop-bought tinned fish that determine your opinion of fish products. And you don’t even have to go to the store! The Cannedfish brings you your favourite fish products direct from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia or straight from the Azores. You’ll notice the difference compared to the canned fish you’ve come to know already in taste, body, texture and, in short: in quality.

Whether you’re a fan of tuna, sardines or mackerel, or whether you prefer pâtés or fish salads, we have it all in premium quality. And if you don’t have time to browse, you can choose from our selection of packages!

It is always worth to check back regularly, we always have some new products or a surprise!

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Whatever your reason for being interested in our products, we welcome you to the world of conscious fish consumption!

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