The Minerva brand is owned by the Portuguese Cannery A Poveira.


A Poveira is one of the oldest canned fish factories in Portugal, located in the town of Póvoa de Varzim on the Atlantic coast. The company was founded on June 16, 1938, acquiring the town’s first French cannery (established in 1920).

Over 75 years of tradition

The Minerva canned fish brand was established in 1942 and has maintained its excellent quality ever since. Minerva, the figure of Greco-Roman mythology, the goddess of excellence, wisdom and crafts, became the patron saint of the flagship of A Poveira: asking for the blessing of quality and excellence on products and the factory.

Since 1942, only the freshest fish caught daily has been used for canning, hand-picked and prepared for the highest quality and excellent taste.

Their products are made exclusively by the traditional method, the fish is cooked in steam before canning, thus providing an unparalleled taste for each can. Canned food, fish fillets, pâtés, all based on traditional Portuguese recipes.

Nowadays, they already have several factories and have voluntarily obtained several certificates:

Kosher, Halal, Dolphin-Safe fishing and BRC Global Standards registered with the Food and Drug Agency and the Blue Ecolabel issued by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) – an environmentally friendly sustainable fishing method are a blessing to nature. Because a blessing can never be enough.

Source of informations and images: apoveira.pt

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