The Cantara Brand has always been proud to honour the family name with a long history in the production of traditional portuguese canned fish.

Our products represent the sea, fishing, the artisanal production method, the fish carefully selected one by one, excellent quality and are a true reflection of the care we take in our products.

Our products are wrapped by hand, an expression of the artisan’s art.

Canned Fish

Cantara canned fish are the canned fish that brings the treasure of the sea, the portuguese sardine, the queen of all canned fish to all dishes & tables.

We offer a diversity of fish, all with their own characteristics, and each and every one of them is subjected to a rigorous selection criteria as quality is always our main objective.

Preserves in Jars

The Cantara Brand presents a selection of canned fish in jars, produced to supply our customers with the best products displaying excellent quality, and outstanding flavour the breadth of the senses in our canned foods.


Cantara pâtés offer the best of the sea for the whole family, providing a large variety of fish; it is a healthy fast food option without the use of any preservatives or additives!

Cantara spiced mackerel pâté

Cantara products at Cannedfish: