In Conservas Arlequin we owe everything to our grandfather Angel Viadero who, with his entrepreneurial character, founded a canning of salted anchovies in the heart of the Cantabrian coast.

In times where the anchovy was matured inside wooden barrels, the cans were sealed with tin and the fish was transported with wicker baskets. Santoña origin of who we are.

Family tradition

The Arlequin brand was consolidated as a result of lots of effort, knowledge and the quality of the elaborated product; and over time, the range of products expands focusing on the anchovy fillets and the northern white tuna.

To conquer international markets

During these years, exports have taken center stage, especially in Italy, anticipating the future growth of Conservas Arlequín in international markets.

From 2000

Conservas Arlequin begins and important commercial expansion, increasing substantially its range of products and opening to new markets.

Today, after our first centenary, we have become a national and international reference, having presence at the main fishing grounds around the world, without losing our family business essence working under two important premises:

“Always provide a very good service and an excellent product”

Our values


In Conservas Arlequin our goal is to offer a great range of canning fish supported by a personalized and professional service to the best price.

We put at your disposal our dedication and knowledge acquired in 100 years of canning experience.


We adapt ourselves to what each moment needs, becoming your leading supplier, offering guarantee of supply, agility and flexibility in services.

We are constantly working on new products, formats and possible market opportunities for our brands or private labels.


Among our values, we highlight the traceability of all our raw materials and the refinement of our production processes, which combine the latest technology with artisanal processes developed over decades, all supervised by stringent quality controls that guarantee the healthiest, most nutritious canned fish… and very tasty.


Within our commitments, Conservas Arlequin supports sport and healthy habits sponsoring various sporting events, including the historical Real Racing Club de Santander football team.

We are also committed with our society and we collaborate directly with different associations offering help to sick or disadvantaged people.

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