Why eat fish in your diet?

The concept of diet has nowadays become synonymous with dieting for weight loss. A diet is a special diet that involves eating in a controlled and supervised way to reduce, maintain or increase body weight and to prevent and treat various diseases.

Diets can be grouped according to several criteria:

  • diets according to age (e.g. diets for young children, adolescents, the elderly)
  • diets according to life situations (e.g. diets for pregnancy, breastfeeding, exams, stressful periods)
  • short-term diets (e.g. diarrhoea, constipation, convalescence, pre/post-operative)
  • preventive diets (e.g. to prevent osteoporosis, boost the immune system)
  • long-term disease-related diets (e.g. for cancer, kidney and liver disease)
  • for special nutritional needs (e.g. diabetes, iron deficiency, low cholesterol diet, osteoporosis)

Whatever diet you follow, you should aim for variety and avoid a monotonous intake of nutrients. This is why fish is an excellent solution.

The benefits of eating fish

Fish is one of the purest sources of protein. They are high in protein and very low in fat and calories. Among marine fish, the leanest are heck (0.9 g/100 g), tuna (4.9 g/100 g) and the lowest in fat is cod (0.5 g/100 g). Whether it is for weight loss or a special diet, it is always worth including fish in your daily diet.

Marine fish are rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA, EPA), which are essential for our body’s many biological functions. Unsaturated fatty acids help maintain the elasticity of the vascular wall and inhibit the formation of vascular plaques. They are therefore also beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, who are also at increased cardiovascular risk. In the case of high blood lipids and a low cholesterol diet, it is also important to consume more seafood, which can increase the proportion of ‘good cholesterol’ (HDL). Omega 3 fatty acids inhibit the formation of inflammatory mediators, so it is also recommended to eat hake, tuna and salmon for people with chronic inflammatory diseases.

Why eat fish?

Whether it’s for weight loss or a special diet, marine fish are an excellent source of protein and nutrients. In addition to essential fatty acids and nutrients, they also contain a wealth of vitamins (C, B6, B12, A, K, etc.) that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Fish meat can be the perfect choice for virtually any meal for people of all ages.

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