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Briosa – Conservas de Pescado is one of the companies belonging to Conserveira Group and the Faustino Family, also the owners of the centennial Conservas Portugal Norte – CPN, in Matosinhos.

In 1991, Figueira da Foz was chosen to receive this new modern industrial project designed by Dr. Eng. António Faustino, due to the proximity to the fishing port and ease of receiving raw material.

​Since its inception, Briosa – Conservas de Pescado has always adopted the highest of quality standards, while promoting the ideal union between modern new technologies with the experience of its founders in the production of traditional Portuguese canned fish.​

​Quality assurance and numerous certifications have praised the company as a relevant supplier for large networks in demanding markets, such as the United Kingdom, United States, France, among others.

Our experience in the production of, mainly exported, canned fish led us to the launch our own brands in the gourmet segment, receiving great acceptance by even the most demanding Portuguese public.

The Briosa Gourmet, a brand found only in speciality stores home and abroad, you can taste Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna, Cod, Horse Mackerels, Anchovies, Picas with the most savoury sauces and ingredients. In Briosa Gourmet, the Portuguese identity of our roots is reflected upon it’s colorful tiles on the packaging. Tradition allied to boldness, promotes a fusion of flavors with different ingredients, assorted fish, sauces and condiments. Our innovative recipes provide the best tasting experiences.

​Savor the “Essence of the Traditional Flavor”!

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Our mission is to take the tradition and quality of Portuguese canned fish to the tables of the most demanding consumers worldwide, offering a healthy and flavorful meal that pleases the palate and gives pleasure.


To become the largest exporter of canned fish in Portugal, adapting the Portuguese tradition to the different palates around the world, developing with excellence innovative, healthy, practical and tasty products.


FLAVOR – We take pleasure in what we do so that our consumers will enjoy while savoring our delights.

TRADITION – We are a family run business that respects traditions. In a Portuguese house we always have good food at the table. We are dedicated to ensuring that the good moments of family meals are good moments of great satisfaction.

QUALITY – We strive daily for excellence. We carry out quality controls in all stages of our productive processes and thus we guarantee the quality and food safety on all our products.

INOVATION – Tradition doesn’t hinder evolution. Therefore, we always are attentive and willing to innovate to better serve our customers needs.

PIONEER – As good Portuguese as we are, we like to explore new markets, discover new tastes and win the preference of different consumers worldwide.



Compliance with the IFS standards is a recognition that we meet the requirements of the international food safety management system.


We integrate the MSC chain of custody, which guarantees the sustainability and preservation of our productions.


Our Organic productions uses, in addition to the wild fish, organic ingredients such as olive oil, seaweed and various certified herbs and condiments.

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