“One tradition, one family, and a unique can of fish”

The “NURI” name

Throughout generations, the origin of the word Nuri has been associated with the description of “something truly beautiful,” “bright as a light,” “unique.” While synonymous with the characteristics by which we evaluate the best sardine, it is possible to identify in the origin a sardine worthy of becoming a “NURI” by the shape of its body, the brilliance of the eyes, the singularity of its scales but above all … because the we do with experience, respect and dedication since 1920.

The NURI brand has a world cultural heritage of paramount importance due to its uniqueness, authenticity and transmission of value to the consumer (preserved since its origin).

As a cultural and exclusive tradition, the originality of each NURI can is transmitted from generation to generation as the sardine carefully conceived by the hands of an artist, but which – as a work of art – is intended to be appreciated by all, in special places and always in the right company.

A unique legacy of living history!

The Nuri brand is owned by Pinhais & Cia.

Founded in 1920 by four partners, Pinhais & Cia has grown over a century, remaining faithful to a traditional method of production that guarantees the highest quality and flavor of its products.

Our differentiation comes from the selection and purchase of only the best fish, the freshness of its ingredients, the homemade (and secret) recipes perfected for generations and of course the small – but great – details that only our dedicated collaborators know when handling the product for several decades.

We can say that the real secret is in your hands!

Specialists in Sardines since 1920!

The secrets of a century of activity enable us to:

– Know and select only the best fish
– Prepare daily fresh ingredients and source local small producers
– Use only 100% Refined Olive Oil of the best quality
– Align genuine hancraftmanship to the greater demands of international markets
– Wrap each can by hand, even blindfolded!

Commited to our planet!

As a small-scale niche producer, we are concerned with the sustainability and responsible use of marine resources. Reproduction of the captured species is fundamental to our own continuity, so we establish partnerships with reliable suppliers and respect fishing methods in accordance with international guidelines (ie purse seine). The factory itself, by minimizing the use of industrial machinery by giving priority to the manual labour, reduces the level of emissions and energy consumption to a greener footprint.

Focus on International Markets!

With international markets in our genesis, Pinhais & Cia exports 90% of its production to the most demanding markets in the world!

Equipped with an internal laboratory, we have International Certifications in:

The concept of “manufactory”

The Unique Process | The Artisanal Sardine

Every can we produce is a very special and unique masterpiece. The number of steps required to produce our preserves is approximately triple of a current supermarket product, converging to a much more complex, genuine product of incomparable and superior quality.

From the selection of only the best fish, the use of the freshest ingredients, the individual cooking method and the use of only 100% refined olive oil, all this dedicated manual preparation process flows to culminate into an extraordinary product worthy of the best moments of life .


Special recipes

Presentation Examples for Unforgettable Moments

Throughout the world, we are influenced by the flavors, aromas and creative presentation ways for our product. 

Either you prefer to enjoy a homemade sardine paté, some “sea macarrons” or just eat directly from the can as the most purists do, the recipes shared by our fans bring us closer to you and feed our inspiration to keep doing more and better.  

Be it a culinary chef or just anybody in their own kitchen, when the ingredients are of quality, creativity has no limit.

Factory & Team

One of the main icons of the company, the factory-building of Pinhais & Cia is located in the heart of Matosinhos (Oporto) for almost a century.

It represents one of the most elegant and historical structures of the city, considered one of the most rare and beautiful functional canneries in the world to visit.

Much more than “Bricks & Mortars”, with almost 100 collaborators, Pinhais&Cia genesis remains focused on people and manual experience.

Undoubtedly, our team is the “Most Secret Recipe”!

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