Avianense is a Portuguese chocolate company founded in Viana do Castelo in 1914 and currently located in Durrães in the municipality of Barcelos.

Its factory is the oldest in the area of chocolate manufacturing in Portugal.

In December 2015 the Avianense Chocolates Museum opened on its premises. This is a cultural and interactive space, which tells the story of the brand and the universe of chocolates so emblematic for several generations as the Christmas costumes, the chocolate umbrellas or the Imperador bonbon.


Over 100 years of history don’t come easy. They took enormous effort and dedication from hundreds of people pursuing a common goal. Putting it into a museum that tells all this story became the natural step to honor all of those who have contributed to Avianense’s legacy. At our museum it is possible to find a close and lively record of the successes and fights that Avianense has faced over the decades and, in the end, a little surprise is awaiting all the visitors.


To maintain a sustainable growth through an efficient and motivated team and thus consolidate more and more the Avianense brand, both in the national and international market.


Avianense’s values reflect our attitude towards our customers and their society.

  • Rigorousness;
  • Social and environmental responsibility;
  • Excellence;
  • Quality;
  • Innovation;
  • Proximity;
  • Value of human resources.


Avianense presents a range of tasteful and diverse products. The sardines, the parasols or the 10R tablets are true symbols of the Portuguese chocolate tradition. Get to know a little bit more on the unreplaceable taste of the country’s most ancient chocolate brand.

Source of informations and images: avianense.pt and Chocolates Avianense Facebook

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