La Gondola

Our history

La Gondola Cannery Factory was founded by Italians who brought the first canning industries to Matosinhos, northern Portugal, in 1940. Investing in a new unit in the 1980s, La Gondola decided to venture into a diversified canning production. The company’s guidelines remain on high quality products. With the beginning of the century XXI, the growth of gourmet spaces has made the brand’s products increasingly sought after and appetizing in various markets. Internationalization: 80% of the manufactured products are destined for the export market, being present in multiple countries, covering several continents. Future: With an annual production volume of 5 million units, La Gondola aims for growth, remaining faithful to traditional manufacturing principles.

Our production is artisanal

Our preserves are manufactured using the traditional pre-cooked method, carefully following the production by campaign, in which the fish is in maximum quality and flavor conditions. We do not seek to compete with mass products. Quality is our main concern.

Fair trade

We are producers and we sell our preserves. We have an honest relationship with our suppliers and our Customers. Our products are aimed at the high end Gourmet market!

Design associated with innovation

We present a selected variety of products: Sardines; Petingas; Mackerels; Horse mackerel; Tuna fish; Octopus; Squids; Trout; roe; Pates; and a wide range of BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS. We work in partnership with several designers, in order to promote our image and product excellence, as well as creating, within our lines and brands, some exclusive and innovative products.

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