Tapas, the special snacks

Tapas, or tapas in its plural form, has become synonymous with snacks, tastings and dishes prepared with special care, which can easily evoke the atmosphere of Mediterranean cuisine even in your own home.

The history of tapa began in Spanish bars and taverns. Some legends say that customers used to cover their beer with slices of bread or ham to prevent bugs from getting into their glasses. Other stories say that the innkeepers made various savoury snacks to help their customers to drink. Leaving aside the atmosphere of the bars, there is perhaps also a story that in Mediterranean countries, these small snacks were used to replace meals during the day in order to keep warm.

Whichever story is the real one or whichever one we feel close to, tapas have now become a big hit and we can build entire meals around them. In small portions, they give us the opportunity to taste a whole range of flavours, harmonies and ingredients, whether prepared hot or cold.

The special fish tapa toppings give you the opportunity to taste the true Mediterranean flavours with small bites.

When you think of Barcelona, you might think of Antoni Gaudí or the sunny beach, but tapas is another thing that springs to mind. But little is known about it, so here are 5 things you may not know about tapas.

1. The name comes from the Spanish verb “tapar”, which means to cover. In the old days, drinks were covered to protect them from flies, hence the idea of having a snack to go with the drink.

2. Different Spanish regions have their own tapas specialities. In some cases, it was used to make guests even thirstier, so that they could drink the wine that tasted worse.

3. Pinchos are similar to tapas and are named after the toothpick pierced through them.

4. Restaurants often offer both tapas and raciones. It is worth paying attention, however, because racione means a much larger portion of food.

5. The tapas is not usually served for free, it may be prepared for your table, but you should be careful as it could be part of your bill later.

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