Santa Catarina Mestre Saúl matured tuna fillets in olive oil, 120 g


Mestre Saúl’s matured fillets is a real gourmet speciality, it is matured in olive oil for a year – and it’s worth the wait! The best fillets of the Azores, following in the footsteps of their ancestors, can only be considered ready after one year of maturation and can be enjoyed all its splendor. From maturation, the fillets will taste even softer and more delicate. The smooth texture and flavor of the tuna fillets are all due to Master Saúl Casimiró, born in 1918, who brought his experience in canning to São Jorge in 1955. Simple and handcrafted methods that have been passed from generation to generation and bring the best of the Azores to the table. A real delicacy for a cannoisseur!

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