Salmon is an important part of our diets, because it contains many proteins, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. But what else should we know about salmon?

You will find some interesting bits below:

  1. The female Chinook (or Spring) salmon can carry as many as 4000 eggs.
  2. The oldest known salmon fossil is 50 million years old.
  3. In certain stages of their lives, salmon don’t consume anything.
  4. The longest trip to ever have been taken by a salmon was 3845 km long, and was accomplished by a Chinook salmon, downstream.
  5. When swimming upstream, salmon are able to jump in the air as high as 2 m.
  6. Most of the salmon die in result of the fatigue caused by spawning.
  7. Salmon are high in essential vitamins, and can reduce the risk of coronary artery diseases, and of certain cancers.

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