Igino Mazzola founded his fishmongering business in 1918. In 1938 he decided to go a step further and bought a factory at the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea. Mazzola lived through all the effects of Italian societal and economical shifts, but even when times were grim, there was one song that stuck with him: a musical piece by Renato Carosone, written in 1958. It was this song that inspired the name Maruzzella.

Maruzzella was the first brand in Italy that introduced the 100 g, portion sized format, which changed consumer habits in Italian households.

Canned tuna, simultaneously with the arrival of kitchen machines, became a staple in households. This short description possibly explains why it makes us this happy to be able to distribute products of this brand. They are partly responsible for popularizing canned fish products!

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