Briosa – Conservas de Pescado is one of the brands belonging to the Conserveira group and the Faustino family. It’s owner is the centennial Conservas Portugal Norte (CPN) based in Matosinhos.

Figueira da Foz was tasked with kickstarting the project in 1991. Dr. Eng. Antiónio Faustino chose the location based on the proximity of the fishing harbour, and easy accessability of the ingredients.

Since its foundaton, Briosa – Conservas de Pescado has always held itself to the highest possible standards, and also fosters a great relationship between state of the art technology and the experience in tradinional Portuguese canning practices of the founders.

Quality assurances and several certificates indicate the quality the company stands for. Major networks in prestigeous markets, like the UK, USA or France consider CPN to be a relevant supplier.

CPN’s experience in canned fish production made mainly for export motivated them to create an own premium brand. A brand that even the connoisseurs of Portugal highly appreciated.

We brought in fish to everyone from this very same Briosa Gourmet brand, that was solely available in Portugal and other foreign specialty stores! 😊

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